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Customized image generation with a variety of options.
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FreeImage.AI is a free AI-powered image generator that allows users to create unique and custom images effortlessly. The tool uses a Stable Diffusion AI image Generation Engine to generate a variety of images including logos, landscapes, UI UX landing page website mockups, and 3D hyper-realistic colorful rubik's cubes among others.

Users can select from two image sizes: 256x256 or 512x512, and choose the visibility of the image as either public or private. FreeImage.AI provides users with the option of downloading the generated images, sharing them on social media, or viewing them in enlarged form.

The generated images are stored in the user's account and can be viewed and managed from the user dashboard. FreeImage.AI offers a large database of images for users to explore, and the generated images can be viewed by both registered and non-registered visitors on the platform.

The tool offers a smooth user experience and helps users create images that are visually stunning and tailored to their needs.


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