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Generates unique art from text prompts.
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Openjourney Bot, a discord bot developed by Project Razer LLC, is a free tool designed to generate AI art quickly based on a user's provided text prompt.

It has the ability to combine various concepts, styles, and attributes in its creations, providing users with unique and beautiful images generated in under 10 seconds.

Openjourney has multiple model options, and users can select a model to generate different variations of images. The tool is constantly adding newer models to improve the user experience.

There is a cooldown period of 120 seconds when the bot generates an image, and users have 100 tokens per month to produce images every 120 seconds. Supporting the community through Patreon allows for reduced cooldown time and extra bonus tokens to generate more images.

Bits, an in-tool currency, can be used to create images, and every user receives 100 free bits each month. By making a donation, users receive extra tokens to generate more images.

Openjourney Bot is an entirely free tool, and its AI algorithm uses its trained knowledge of image creation to generate unique images that meet users' specifications.

With the tool, users can begin their journey by typing their desired prompt in the chat and seeing the image evolve quickly. Openjourney Bot is an easy-to-use and free tool that can generate unique and beautiful AI art for users in Discord.


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Sep 7, 2023
We don't want kids like you to access NSFW in these types of ways. Grow up and then decide what to do.
Jun 13, 2023
this bot is heavily censored... asking for a woman on the beach wearing a bikini you get warning you will be banned
Jun 13, 2023
I add this bot in a private 18 channel ask for a woman in a bikini and it warns me it will ban me, if i expected to pay i should be able go what ever i want in my own private 18 server on discord... epic fail this bot

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