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Creates 2+1D VR environments.
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CopernicAI is a generative artificial intelligence tool that specializes in creating environments. This includes generating high-quality text, imagery, and even 3D environments.

CopernicAI's approach involves first creating 2+1D environments by combining 2D imagery with 1D depth information. The tool leverages recent deep learning research and can generate 2+1D environments today.

CopernicAI's ultimate goal is to create fully AI-generated 3D environments. Users can try CopernicAI's pre-alpha release, which can turn 360-degree images into 2+1D environments using the copernic360 software.

The AI-generated 360-degree images can be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes, following the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license. Additionally, users can create 2+1D environments from 360-degree images and videos with copernic360.

The created environments can be explored in virtual reality using the Sidequest headset for the Quest (contact for other headsets).CopernicAI's roadmap includes publishing efficient, partially scalable, and scalable panoramic AI techniques that achieve state-of-the-art performance in low-resolution tasks, classical AI tasks with low-resolution outputs, and dense-prediction tasks like semantic segmentation and depth estimation.

CopernicAI is currently working on generative panoramic AI, with early pre-alpha available now, and full 3D environments coming soon. Users can sign up for email updates and an invitation to the upcoming closed alpha release of CopernicAI.

The tool is from the team at Kagenova.


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