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Imagining your next profile picture with AI.
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Imagined with AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and creative profile images. To start, users must upload between 5 to 10 photos of themselves, a pet, or a loved one, from which the AI will generate new profile images.

A variety of poses, facial expressions, and backgrounds are recommended in the uploaded photos to achieve the best results. The uploaded photos are sent to an external training service, and the AI tool then works to generate new and diverse images.

Depending upon the queue, the training process may take a few hours on average. Users are notified by mail once their new profile pictures are ready. The images provided cover a range of diverse styles for users to select that best fits their needs.

The generated images can be deleted at any time, and the trained model is also available for download for further use with most Stable Diffusion tools.

The safety of user's images is ensured as they are deleted post the training process. This tool strives to provide a new and exciting approach to profile picture generation by leveraging the capabilities of AI.


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Pros and Cons


Generates diverse profile images
Works with 5-10 photos
Encourages variety in poses
Utilizes external training service
Email notification on completion
Offers range of styles
Image deletion option
Trained model download
Compatible with Stable Diffusion tools
Data privacy post-training
User personalization in images
Generates 120 final images
Provides unique creative designs
Not limited to human subjects
Supports pet images generation


Requires multiple photos
External training service dependency
Long training waits
Email notifications only
Limited style variety
Not real-time
High user prep needed
Images deletion after process
Cost per image set
No live support


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Is the trained model from Imagined with AI available for download?
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How does Imagined with AI ensure the safety of my images?
What are the benefits of using Imagined with AI for profile picture generation?
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Can I use the generated images from Imagined with AI with Stable Diffusion tools?
What happens to my photos after they are used by Imagined with AI?
Can I choose the style of the images Imagined with AI generates?
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Does Imagined with AI work with facial recognition?
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