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Generated headshots for online profiles.
Generated by ChatGPT

The AI Headshot Generator is a next-generation AI tool that allows users to obtain natural-looking headshots without the typical "AI look". Developed by a team of experts from MIT and Google Brain, this tool offers the convenience of generating professional headshots in just two hours.Customers have expressed high satisfaction with over 1 million headshots produced.

The tool has received positive reviews for its ability to create realistic images that resemble photoshoots done by professionals. It has been praised for its human-like appearance, making it suitable for professional use on platforms like LinkedIn.Users can upload their own photos and receive 60 AI-generated headshots to choose from.

The examples provided in the text showcase the quality and variety of the generated images. Moreover, the tool offers unlimited scenes, hairstyles, outfits, and more, eliminating the need for extensive travel, styling, makeup, and in-person photoshoots.The AI Headshot Generator is an efficient and cost-effective solution that saves users time and money.

It ensures flattering angles and poses, even for those who are less experienced in front of the camera.Overall, the AI Headshot Generator is a highly recommended tool for individuals seeking high-quality and realistic headshots.

It provides a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional photography sessions, enabling users to effortlessly update their professional appearance without compromising on quality.


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Dreamwave was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Developed by MIT and Google Brain experts
Produces headshots in two hours
Allows user photo uploads
Generates 60 headshot options
High customer satisfaction
Over 1 million successful headshots
Creates realistic professional photos
Adaptable for use on LinkedIn
Unlimited scenes provided
Diverse hairstyle options
Extensive outfit choices
Flattering angles ensured
Saves time and money
Avoids travel for photoshoots
Makes styling, makeup, and wardrobe unnecessary
Efficient alternative to professional photography
Cost-effective solution
Fear no unflattering poses
Best-in-class data security
Does not sell user data
User control over photo sharing
User data improves the tech
California-based self-funded team
Refunds before model training
Full usage rights on photos


Limited customization options
Two-hour processing time
Need to upload personal photos
Limited to headshots only
Requires paid subscription
Data privacy concerns
No free version available
Dependent on quality of uploaded photos
No mobile app


What is the AI Headshot Generator by Dreamwave?
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How many AI-generated headshots do I get per upload?
What variety of images does the AI Headshot Generator offer?
Does the AI Headshot Generator create images with a human-like appearance?
Can I obtain professional headshots for use on platforms like LinkedIn with the AI Headshot Generator?
Is the AI Headshot Generator cost-effective?
Does the AI Headshot Generator offer various scenes, outfits, hairstyles?
Do these AI headshots resemble professional photoshoots?
Does Dreamwave offer AI headshots for teams?
Is there a free version of the AI Headshot Generator?
What is Dreamwave's policy with user data?
What do users say about the quality of Dreamwave's AI Headshots?
Who are the people behind the development of the AI Headshot Generator?
What are the hardware requirements to use the AI Headshot Generator?
Can these AI-generated images be used for commercial purposes?
What is Dreamwave's refund policy for the AI Headshot Generator?


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