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Transform your face into stunning visuals.
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IA-ID is an innovative tool that uses powerful AI technology to transform user's images into a range of unique character styles. The tool is designed to encourage users to awaken their creativity and immerse themselves in their desired character.

To use IA-ID, users are requested to upload a front-facing photo of their face without any accessories like glasses or hats. The photo size limit is 5MB and is recommended to be in portrait mode.

Once the photo is uploaded, users have an option to select the gender and choose up to five styles that they prefer. Following this, a set of transformed photos is returned to the user.

Though the whole process typically takes a few minutes, users receive their transformed photos via email for swift and convenient access. Furthermore, IA-ID also guarantees a high level of security.

It has a strict non-retention policy, where no personal data or uploaded photos are stored after their utilization in the service. The payment processing is also conducted via the secure Stripe platform, ensuring a trust-worthy and safe experience to the end user.


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IA-ID was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms user's images
Generates unique character styles
Encourages user creativity
Simple photo upload
5MB photo limit
Preference selection for gender
Offers up to 5 styles
Fast processing time
Email delivery of transformations
Strict non-retention policy
Secure Stripe platform for payment
High level of data security
No storage of personal data
No storage of uploaded photos
Privacy Protection
Interactive tool
Safe and trust-worthy experience
Stimulates imagination
Wide range of styles
Convenient email access
Encourages user immersion
Digital Art creation
Compact size for photo upload
Secure and reliable experience
Affordable transformation price
Promotion availability
User-oriented design
Detailed image transformation
Excellent User Experience
Portable functionality
Real-time result display
Multiple style options
Flexible gender selection
Rapid image transformation
Swift email delivery
Rigorous security measures
Immediate download after receiving
Temporary storage for result


Limited to front-facing photos
No accessories allowed in photos
5MB photo size limit
Requires portrait mode
Transformed photos delivered via email
Limited styles selection
Can only choose gender
Requires payment for each transformation
Pictures not saved on server
Limited to five styles per transformation


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Does IA-ID maintain a copy of my photos or personal data?
What safety mechanisms does IA-ID have in place?
What platform does IA-ID use for payment processing?
How do I receive my transformed photos from IA-ID?
Can I select the gender for my transformed image on IA-ID?
What characters can I transform into using IA-ID?
How many styles can I choose for my image transformation on IA-ID?
How does IA-ID ensure user privacy?
Is the data I provide to IA-ID secure?
What is the non-retention policy of IA-ID?
How can I begin using IA-ID?
What is the cost of a set of transformed photos on IA-ID?

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