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Face anonymization for engagement, income, and privacy.
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Pseudoface is an AI filter app designed specifically for faceless creators. It allows users to substitute their real face with an AI-generated realistic face, acting as a natural evolution of face blur apps.

Pseudoface prioritizes privacy, ensuring that users remain anonymous and in control of their own data. The AI-generated pseudofaces are tailored to the shape and features of the user's face and are not real people.Using Pseudoface offers several benefits for creators.

Firstly, it allows them to protect their privacy by hiding their identity from both humans and bots. Second, creators who show their face tend to earn more on average, and doing a face reveal often leads to bigger paychecks as faces attract more subscribers and enable creators to charge a premium for custom content.

Additionally, showing one's face increases engagement, subscribers, and brand recognition, making it easier to form relationships with subscribers.Pseudoface offers different pricing plans that include various features such as unlimited masks, HD videos, and 4k pictures.

The app also provides a free trial for users to test how their pseudofaces would look. Pseudoface emphasizes ethical AI usage and actively discourages the misuse of its tool.

It utilizes face detection algorithms to understand the user's face in photos and videos, generating artificial faces using AI that fit the user's facial features.Overall, Pseudoface offers faceless creators the opportunity to grow their fan base, increase their income, and protect their privacy while maintaining engagement and brand recognition.


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Pseudoface was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 3rd 2023.
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