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Personalized avatars for social and content creation.
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Kubee is an AI tool that allows users to create a personalized digital avatar in under a minute and interact with other user-created avatars. The tool aims to give people the freedom to create and distribute digital assets freely, which can be monetized and used to meet various needs, including generating audio and video content.

A character editor allows users to customize their avatar's physical appearance, including age, gender, emotions, hairstyle, and makeup, among others.

Users can also choose their avatar's voice and write a short personality description. Once the voice and personality are set, users can engage in a conversation with their avatar and share it with others.

Kubee's audio and video rendering features enable users to create animation based on their uploaded audio and video files. However, the audio should be clear and identifiable, and the video should have characters facing the camera to avoid excessive head deflection.

Kubee also includes a chat function where users can chat with other avatars created by themselves and share them with friends. One of the striking features of Kubee is its ability to create four different output graphs when users click on the same style.

Overall, Kubee offers a fun way to socialize and interact with AI avatars while giving users autonomy over the creation and distribution of digital assets.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized digital avatar creation
Quick avatar creation
Physical customization of avatar
Personality and voice choice
Audio and video animation
Avatar chat function
Four different output graphs
Distribution and monetization of assets
Avatar interaction capabilities
Option for asset age modification
Avatar gender selection
Animated conversation with avatar
Audio clarity requirement for animation
Facial recognition in video requirement
Avatar hair and makeup customization
Voice, personality change anytime
Avatar can read aloud
Audio upload for avatar animation
Upload video for performance imitation
Chat with created avatars
Transform into various Avatars
Text, audio, video input for avatar animation


Requires clear audio
Requires facing camera videos
Limited character customization
Single avatar interaction
Limited output graphs
Special symbols limitation
Audio upload limit 30 seconds
Need Google browser
Limited audio/video rendering


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