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Modify and replicate videos.
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TwinSync is an AI-powered tool that enables users to modify existing videos to speak any content in any language without the need for training. The core technology behind TwinSync is the Zero-Shot Clone Model (zcm-1.0), which allows users to complete tasks without the need for training.

The platform provides several functionalities including TalkSync, which clones the appearance of a user to say any audio and content, and FaceShift, which replaces the face of any person in a video with a single photo.

The tool also features LipSync, which modifies voice and lip sync in videos with support for multiple languages, and VideoChat, which enables users to upload their photo and chat with clients or friends via video using an AI chatbot.TwinSync also offers a programmable replication project of digital human beings, which replicates the appearance and behavior of a user to create an alter ego that can take on more work and engage in social interaction on their behalf.

The platform provides enterprise-level API interfaces and free API support for five selected projects each month to help startups and innovative developers thrive.

Overall, TwinSync is a versatile tool that can help users enhance their videos and create AI-powered clones of themselves.


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Twinsync was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Modifies existing videos
TalkSync functionality
FaceShift feature
LipSync with multiple language support
VideoChat capability
Programmable digital human replication
Enterprise-level API interfaces
Free API support monthly
No training required
Zero-Shot Clone Model
Transforms photos into videos
Supports social interaction
Generates personalized memories
Alter Ego creation
Autonomous goal-setting
Behaviour replication
Helps startups with free APIs


No voice customization
Non-obvious video modification process
No offline functionality
Limited free API support
Missing pose/action modification functionality
No Android or iOS apps
No real-time video editing
Untrained cloning model limitations
Dependent on internet connection
Lack of detailed tutorial


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What kind of API support does TwinSync offer to startups and developers?
What does the ActionShift feature in TwinSync do?
What is meant by 'Digital Human Beings' in the context of TwinSync?
What is the vision for the future of TwinSync?
How does the mind uploading feature work in TwinSync?
What does the behavior replication feature in TwinSync mean?
How can TwinSync replicate my character?
Is there a limit on the number of projects that can receive free API support from TwinSync each month?
What languages does TwinSync support for modifying voice and lip-sync in videos?
What are the benefits of using TwinSync?
How can I contact TwinSync for API integration support?
Can I create an alter ego of myself using TwinSync?


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