Alien avatars 2023-10-24
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Transforms your portrait into unique alien avatars.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to create your secret alien avatar? 🔒
Sample prompts:
Create an alien avatar with green skin
Design an avatar based on this mood: curious
Generate an avatar with this trait: playful
Show me an avatar with a mysterious vibe
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The Alien Avatar Creator is a distinctive GPT that facilitates the creation of personal alien avatars from a supplied portrait image. This intriguing application accepts input in the form of png, jpg, or jpeg image files.

Upon uploading an image, the tool transforms it into a unique, imaginative illustration of an alien avatar. The AI-driven operation behind the scenes means each output avatar is original and different.

The GPT offers a fun, intuitive interface with a range of design options. By offering specific prompt starters like 'Create an alien avatar with green skin', 'Design an avatar based on this mood: curious', 'Generate an avatar with this trait: playful', or 'Show me an avatar with a mysterious vibe', users have the ability to guide the creation process.

The result is a customized, extraterrestrial interpretation of the presented portrait image. This avatar creation tool could appeal to individuals seeking for a unique, creative means to represent themselves in digital platforms, particularly those with a sci-fi or fantasy theme.

This GPT is part of's offerings and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access, signifying its premium positioning. Overall, the Alien Avatar Creator offers a distinctive twist on avatar creation, leveraging AI capabilities to bring out the otherworldly in everyday portraits.


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Alien Avatar Creator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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