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Effortlessly turn ideas into ANIMATED STORIES & let the Creativity flow
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help users create custom avatars from text. The tool allows users to create their own characters, scenes, and voices, and write their own dialogue to bring their stories to life. also provides users with millions of user-generated assets to choose from, such as premade characters and scenes. The tool also supports non-English descriptions and provides a platform for users to publish their creations.

Additionally, users can use an API to generate content and receive real-time feedback on their creations. also provides a Discord community for users to connect and exchange ideas, as well as tutorials and FAQs.

The tool is powered by Popupsmart and users must agree to the Terms of Service before using the site.


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Pros and Cons


Custom avatar creation
Scene customization
Voice generation
Interactive dialogue creation
Million user-generated assets
Supports non-English descriptions
Platform for publishing creations
API for content generation
Real-time creation feedback
Discord community
Tutorials and FAQs available
Supports texting prompts
Support for different languages
Ability to generate scenes
User asset generation
Social media sharing options
Publishing feature
Animated story creation
Automatic avatar creation
Includes pre-set characters


Creating custom avatar intricate
Output unrelated to prompt
Unpredictable content generation times
Possibility of account suspension
Limited guidance on usage
Needs Javascript enabled
Limited representation of minorities
Inappropriate flagging issues
Terms of Service agreement required
Powered by third-party Popupsmart

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