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Clone of a real human, faithfully imitates their style and opinions.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm here to accurately reflect a specific person. Who should I imitate today?
Sample prompts:
What would [Name of person] say about...?
How would [Name of person] react to...?
What is [Name of person]'s opinion of...?
Imitate [Name of person] when talking about...
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Human Clone is a GPT developed on top of ChatGPT. It serves the purpose of mimicking the style and perspectives of real individuals in text-based conversations.

This GPT is designed to accurately emulate specific people's conversational style, making it unique in terms of its ability to imitate and replicate personalized responses.

The GPT generates responses based on its training on the language and behavior patterns of the individual it is designed to mimic, enabling it to respond to various prompts from the user in the style of that person.

Users can engage with the GPT using a series of pre-defined prompts like 'What would [Name of person] say about...?', 'How would [Name of person] react to...?', 'What is [Name of person]'s opinion of...?', and 'Imitate [Name of person] when talking about...'.

Keep in mind that the core purpose of Human Clone is not to generate unique insights or come up with creative ideas, but rather to provide a fun and engaging interaction where users can experience a textual reflection of an individual's communication manner.

This GPT can be a fascinating tool for role-play, studying behavior, or just engaging in entertaining conversations.


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