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User-avatar generation inspired by video games.
Generated by ChatGPT

HeroPack is an AI generated profile picture generator that produces avatars inspired by video games. It allows users to purchase a HeroPack for $29 which consists of 128 avatars across 44 styles, with delivery as 512x512px PNG files.

The avatars are generated from a deep learning generation model, trained on 10-20 photos of the user's face that they upload. These photos are then auto-deleted within 24 hours, while the model and generated renders are kept for 30 days.

The photos must meet certain guidelines such as different angles, expressions and lighting, and no other people can be present in the photos. HeroPack was designed and developed by the brothers @flarup, @Mikkel_hartmann and @Mads_hartmann.


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HeroPack was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 128 avatars
Offers 44 styles
Good for gaming profiles
Delivery as 512x512px PNG
Uses deep learning model
User photo driven
Quick 24 hours delivery
Photos deleted after 24 hours
Offers diverse range of styles
Photos required from different angles
Photos required with different expressions
Photos required with different lighting
Custom style selection
Produces avatars for Discord
Produces avatars for Twitch
Produces avatars for Twitter
Perfect for video game enthusiasts
Privacy compliant processes
User face becomes the avatar
No third-party in photos
Variety in expression for avatars
Full body shots for authentic avatars
Medium shots for detailed avatars
Close ups for more detailed avatars
Upload specifications and guidelines
Mixture of close-up, medium, full body cameras
Training model kept for 30 days
Avatars kept for 30 days
Restrictions on photo submissions
Encourages various poses for photos
Multiple avatar styles in one pack
Encourages photos from different locations
Requires photos at different times of day
Terms of service readily available
Privacy Policy readily available
Produced by gaming professionals
Allows customisation of styles
Authentic video game styling
Detailed instructions on how it works
Friendly user-interface
Clear and simple instructions for uploading
Not for kids, only 18+ adults
Easy-to-follow four step process
Email communication available
Clear pricing information
Good value for amount of avatars
Quality over quantity in avatars
Other people not allowed in photos
Deep learning model referenced


Costly for digital avatars
Requires 10-20 personal photos
Strict photo guidelines
Delayed delivery (24 hours)
Limited style selection
Potential privacy issues
Results highly variable
No preview before purchase
Renders only available 30 days
No multi-user functionality


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How much does a HeroPack cost?
How is privacy maintained in HeroPack?
What happens to my photos after I upload them to HeroPack?
Can I choose the styles for my HeroPack?
Why are there specific guidelines for the photos that need to be uploaded?
How many avatars does one HeroPack consist of?
In what format are the avatars delivered?
Are there any restrictions on who can use HeroPack?
What sizes are the avatars created by HeroPack?
Why doesn't HeroPack allow for other people to be in the photos uploaded?
Who are the developers behind HeroPack?
Can the avatars generated by HeroPack be used on various gaming platforms?
What kind of AI does HeroPack use to generate the avatars?
What is the meaning of 'deep learning generation model' used by HeroPack?
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