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Creating minimalist Notion-Style avatars.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's create a black and white Notion-style avatar.
Sample prompts:
Create a Notion-style avatar based on my uploaded image
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The Simplified Notion Avatar Designer is a GPT that facilitates the creation of avatars in the style of Notion characters. Its focus is on producing black and white avatars, with a strong emphasis on minimalism, which allows users to create distinct and personalized profiles, resembling the aesthetic of the widely-used Notion application.

The GPT tool is designed to be interactive and user-friendly; upon engagement, users are welcomed with a message indicating the intent of the platform to aid in crafting a Notion-style avatar.

The tool operates in a way that it takes an uploaded image from a user and transforms it into a stylized avatar that aligns with the characteristic minimalist design of Notion avatars.

It's worth noting that the use of this specific GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus access which suggests that it comes with advanced features and services. Created by community builders, the Simplified Notion Avatar Designer is a valuable GPT tool for individuals who appreciate the simplicity and uniqueness of Notion-style avatars and desire to incorporate such style into their personal or professional profiles.


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