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Create personalized movie scenes with custom images.
Generated by ChatGPT

This AI tool allows users to insert themselves into their favorite movies by generating images of their likeness using artificial intelligence. Users upload a picture of themselves and choose from various generation options to be transported into the movie scene of their choice.

The tool offers a free trial with ten credits to generate images when users sign in with their Google account. To ensure the best results, the source picture should be high resolution and contain only one person.

The tool also assures users that their uploaded pictures are not shared and are deleted upon request. However, users may experience longer loading times if the AI model needs to be reloaded after a period of inactivity.

Additionally, the tool is still a work in progress, meaning some users may encounter unusual results. Despite this, the tool has shown to have a success rate of 80 to 90 percent after testing with dozens of pictures.

Contact information is available for users who experience any issues. Overall, this tool offers a unique and entertaining way for users to immerse themselves in their favorite movies using AI technology.


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Film Face was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized movie scenes
Custom image generation
Free trial available
with Google
User image security
High success rate
Contact information available
High-resolution image support
Single person image support
Entertaining user experience
Regular updates/work in progress
User credits for image generation
Real-time image generation
Loading time info provided
Uploaded images deletable on request
Transparent user guidance


Limited to one person images
Loading times can be long
Tool is work in progress
Requires high resolution images
Unusual results possible
Free trial is limited
Requires Google account for access
80-90% success only
Inactivity slows performance
Support only via contact form


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