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Speeds up 2D fixes for Hollywood VFX at lower cost.
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Vanity AI is an AI-powered end-to-end solution for Hollywood VFX teams to quickly deliver high-end 2D aging, de-aging, cosmetic, wig, and prosthetic fixes.

It is up to 300 times faster than traditional VFX pipelines, significantly more cost-effective, and has no capacity constraints. Vanity AI provides feature-film quality VFX that is trusted by Hollywood, with creative control and lower costs on-demand.

Vanity AI has already been used in major productions and has saved weeks off production schedules and hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. The tool is praised by VFX professionals for its ease of use and natural looking results.

By adjusting dials on a single frame, Vanity AI can quickly create a feature-film caliber shot. Vanity AI is developed by MARZ, an AI technology startup and VFX studio, who is on a mission to help Hollywood studios push creative boundaries and solve the systemic and growing challenges facing the entertainment industry.

Working with Vanity AI is as easy and fun as working with MARZ - the client sends MARZ their project and MARZ’s team of AI experts will work on the project, providing a solution tailored to the client’s exact needs.


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Vanity AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Speeds up 2D fixes
Cost-effective VFX solution
No capacity constraints
Feature-film quality VFX
High-end 2D aging fixes
High-end de-aging fixes
High-end cosmetic fixes
High-end wig fixes
High-end prosthetic fixes
Creative control on demand
Used in major productions
Ease of use
Natural looking results
300 times faster than traditional VFX pipelines
Customized solutions per project
Trusted by Hollywood
Saves weeks off production schedules
Significant cost savings
Positive reviews by VFX professionals
Delivers large volumes of fixes
Promotes creative boundaries expansion
Flexible and adaptable according to client's needs
Dials adjustment results in feature-film caliber shot
As simple as sending project to MARZ
Solution tailored to client's exact needs
Consistent shot results
Can tackle challenging projects with ease
Leads to exponential savings in time and cost


Limited to 2D fixes
No self-service
Dependent on MARZ's team
Only facial related VFX
No 3D capabilities
No transparent pricing
Limited creative control
Restricted to Hollywood productions
Reliant on external validation
Lack of user control


What is Vanity AI?
What are some key features of Vanity AI?
Why is Vanity AI more cost-effective than traditional VFX pipelines?
How does Vanity AI speed up the VFX process?
What are some productions that Vanity AI has been used in?
What capabilities does Vanity AI have for creating unique looks in VFX?
In what ways does Vanity AI provide creative control to VFX artists?
How is Vanity AI used in the process of aging or de-aging in VFX?
Can Vanity AI be used in cosmetic, wig, and prosthetic fixes?
What is the workflow when using Vanity AI for a VFX project?
Who developed Vanity AI and what was their mission?
What benefits have been reported by VFX professionals using Vanity AI?
How significant is the reduction in production schedules and costs when using Vanity AI?
What does it mean that Vanity AI has no capacity constraints?
How can I book a demo to try Vanity AI?
How is the quality of VFX using Vanity AI compared to traditional methods?
Why is Vanity AI described as an end-to-end solution?
How does the team at MARZ work with Vanity AI?
What kind of adjustments can be made on a single frame with Vanity AI?
What makes Vanity AI's results look so natural?

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