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Film lab transforms cinema with immersive performances.
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Flawless is a London-based AI film lab that is pioneering the generative AI revolution in filmmaking. It is empowering storytellers with new tools and technologies, such as Visual Dubbing, Aireshoots and Visual Translations.

These tools focus on the nuance of expression at the cinematic level, allowing for the creation of immersive, authentic and perfectly lip-synced performances in any language.

Flawless's patented approach also allows for greater stories to be shared with wider audiences and global distribution. The team is comprised of industry pioneers in areas of neural rendering, human face digitization, video segmentation and applied machine learning.

Flawless has been awarded Time Magazine's “Best Inventions of 2021” for its world-first system.

Flawless was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Visual Dubbing technology
Facilitates Aireshoots
Offers Visual Translations
Able to lip-sync performances
Adapts to any language
Supports global distribution
Incorporates neural rendering
Utilizes human face digitization
Applies video segmentation
Uses applied machine learning
Awarded for innovation
Focused on authentic performances
Helps overcome language barrier
Maintains original script quality
Increases audience potential
Award-winning system
Based in leading tech city
Supports immersive storytelling
Supports global cinema


Limited to cinematic expressions
Requires large computational resources
Requires pre-digitized human faces
Limited global language support
No real-time performance
Nuanced expressions may vary
Requires extensive video segmentation
Content may lose originality
May produce unnatural dubs
Not applicable to all films

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