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Filmmaking tools for next-gen storytellers.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to SAGA, your storytelling ally!
Sample prompts:
Come up with a logline that expands my premise.
Help me write an Act 2 to connect Acts 1 and 3.
Give me ideas for a villain based on my hero.
Write a title based on a logline.
Help me plan the first 10 beats.
Help me think of a good B-Story that emphasizes the theme with secondary characters.
Help me write Act 1 Scene 1 using the first few beats.
Upload my existing script so I can work on it here
Draw a storyboard for Panel 1 by generating an image using DALL-E 3
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SAGA is a GPT dedicated to providing tools for the next generation of storytellers, focusing particularly on the craft of filmmaking. Its functions include scripting for movies as well as creating storyboard image panels which incorporate use of the DALL-E 3 tool for image generation.

To augment the storytelling process, SAGA offers multiple prompt starters to help users with script conception and writing. For example, it can assist users in generating loglines to expand a given premise, craft a second act for a script, brainstorm ideas for a villain character, or design a title based on a logline.

Additionally, it has capabilities to help plan the first ten beats of a story, or envision a good B-Story that emphasizes the overarching theme with the introduction of secondary characters.

SAGA also provides tools for scene-specific writing, like writing the Act 1 Scene 1 using a predefined set of beats. Furthermore, SAGA incorporates a feature where users can upload their existing script for continued work within the platform.

The GPT promotes itself as an ally in storytelling, providing structure as well as creative assistance in all stages of script creation and storyboard drafting.


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