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Film platform with music search, editing, and licensing.
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A.V. Mapping is an AI-powered video and music mapping and licensing platform that dramatically accelerates the traditional filmmaking process of music searching, licensing, and audio editing by 2000 times.

It is designed to save time and costs associated with the process of finding, securing and editing music for filmmakers. It offers a one-stop solution for AI music-for-video searching, mapping and licensing.A.V.

Mapping's patented AI algorithm combines 14 AI models to analyze video and music content such as storyboards, plots, emotions, actions, text, musical emotions, speed, and genre to recommend the most suitable music for the video.

It also supports 1 on 1 AI service and API for software, platform and hardware.The platform also provides a document management system for users to upload file information, manage shared information and access offline services.

It offers users the ability to create custom film music and sound editing, mixers, Web 3.0 metaverse showcase, concerts and competitions.A.V. Mapping also provides AI tools for video analysis, text analysis, music analysis, finding music with face detection, auto storyboard cutting, photo/images color card, noise reduction, sound effects AI designer and pro audio editing development.The platform has been commended for its convenience and efficiency by FAIM festival Best Film filmmakers, Frinny Lee/Music Studio, CNA 中央通訊社 and Digital Journal.

It is also the winner of the 2020 Red Dot award.

A.V. Mapping was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accelerates music search by 2000x
Cost and time efficient
One-stop solution for music-for-video
Analyzes video, music and text
Emotion, genre, speed analysis
API for software, platform, hardware
Includes document management system
Ability to create custom film music
Supports sound editing, mixers
Web 3.0 metaverse showcase
Concert and competition offerings
Meets music licensing needs
Video analysis tools
Text analysis mechanisms
Music analysis capabilities
Face detection technology
Storyboard auto-cutting feature
Photos/ images color card
Noise reduction tool
Pro audio editing development
Offline services option


Limited music genre analysis
No explicit quality control
Limited text analysis features
Complex user interface
Limited offline services
No multilingual support
API may not integrate with all platforms
Limited noise reduction capabilities
Limited customization options
Dependence on continuous internet connection


What is A.V. Mapping and how does it work?
How does A.V. Mapping's patented AI algorithm optimize the music searching process?
What does A.V. Mapping mean by 1 on 1 AI service?
How can A.V. Mapping aid in music licensing?
What kind of information can I manage in A.V. Mapping's document management system?
How does A.V. Mapping accelerate the process of audio editing?
Can A.V. Mapping help in creating custom film music?
How is face detection AI used by A.V. Mapping to find music?
Can A.V. Mapping reduce noise from my video's audio?
What type of text analysis does A.V. Mapping perform?
How does A.V. Mapping handle video analysis?
What efficiency improvements does A.V. Mapping offer in music search and licensing?
How do users interact with A.V. Mapping for their music and licensing needs?
How does A.V. Mapping recommend the most suitable music for my video content?
How can A.V. Mapping's AI service integrate with my existing software or hardware via API?
Does A.V. Mapping offer an offline service?
What types of competitions and showcases are offered on the A.V. Mapping platform?
How can using A.V. Mapping save on costs associated with music searching and licensing?
What is the 'Film Management' feature on A.V. Mapping and how does it benefit filmmakers?
How can I use A.V. Mapping for professional sound editing development?


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