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User-tailored music playlists by preferences and mood.
Generated by ChatGPT

Muze is a personalized AI music curator that creates custom playlists based on a conversational prompt. As an advanced web application, it leverages artificial intelligence to analyze user input and generate a contextualized music playlist tailored to user preferences, mood, and interests.

The AI-powered tool allows users to describe a mood, activity, concept, artists, and styles of music they want to hear, and Muze generates results that match those inputs.

It offers playlists for different occasions such as a romantic evening or high-energy workout sessions. The more information given by the user, the better the tailored results.

Users can share their playlist and preview album art and songs to ensure that the playlist meets their preferences. The AI tool is particularly useful for music lovers who require specialized music curation for different activities or moods.

By utilizing Muze, users can enjoy and discover new musical experiences catered to their lifestyle. Overall, Muze is a user-friendly platform that integrates Artificial Intelligence to offer a personalized music service that curates playlists that cater to the user's specifications.


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Nov 1, 2023 is now OTTO! In the iOS app store. More information at
May 18, 2023
I might be biased, but this is hands down the best music recommendation system available. It's like having a music nerd best friend with an encyclopedic knowledge of songs and artists, who just "gets" you.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized music curation
Contextualized playlists
Interaction through conversational prompts
Wide range of mood options
Adjusted to various activities
Possible artist specification
Style specification available
Improvement with more information
Playlist sharing option
Album art preview
Song preview available
Continuous playlist extension
Spotify integration


Music matching accuracy varies
No offline functionality
No non-Spotify integration
No genre exclusion option
Limited to web app
Limited playlist customization
Dependent on user data quality


What is Muze?
How does Muze work?
Can I specify artists or music styles for Muze to include in my playlist?
How does Muze use AI to generate playlists?
What happens when I give more information in Muze?
Is Muze suitable for all occasions?
Can I share the playlist created by Muze?
Can I preview songs and album art before finalizing my playlist in Muze?
Can Muze help me discover new music?
How does Muze personalize the music curation process?
Does using Muze require a Spotify account?
How can I get a high-energy workout playlist from Muze?
How is a romantic evening playlist created in Muze?
Can I extend an existing playlist in Muze?
How can I sign up for updates on Muze?
Can I give feedback about Muze?
Can Muze create a playlist based on a concept or activity?
What happens if I don't like a song on my Muze playlist?
What kind of user input does Muze analyze?
Is Muze a web application or can I download it as an app?

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