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Crafts playlists and album art from songs.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Share a song and I'll create a playlist and album art for it.
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Playlist Artisan is a GPT that crafts playlists and album art prompts based on provided songs. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, this tool is capable of generating related pieces of music to build a playlist and subsequently creating album art prompts for the assembled playlist.

This tool offers a creative way for music lovers or creatives to explore associated musical pieces and derive thematic or artistic inspirations related to the curated list of songs.

Its utility extends further to support DALL-E prompts for specific playlists which can be particularly useful in contexts where visual representation or album cover ideas are required.

The user interacts by sharing a song or list of songs, upon which Playlist Artisan employs the underlying AI model to generate a corresponding playlist and craft suitable album art prompts.

This GPT is a creative application of AI technology in the field of music and design, creating a unique blend of auditory and visual artistic exploration.


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