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Creative asset management with generated prompts.
Generated by ChatGPT

Playbook AI is a modern creative file manager tool that offers storage, tagging, and organization capabilities for files and folders. It is designed specifically for designers and provides a visually appealing interface to manage creative assets effectively.With Playbook AI, designers can sign up for a storage plan that offers 4TB of storage space.

The tool aims to enhance creative workflows by incorporating AI technology. Users can utilize AI prompts to generate unique and artistic designs directly within the tool.

These prompts can be saved and organized, allowing designers to keep track of their creative process and variations.A notable feature of Playbook AI is its collaboration capabilities, enabling professional freelancers and design teams to share client work seamlessly.

The tool also caters to various use cases for creatives, including project management, AI art and prompt storage, collaboration, editing, and smarter storage solutions.Furthermore, Playbook AI provides a Template Gallery, offering ready-made templates for designers to utilize in their creative projects.

The tool also offers resources such as a blog, tutorials, case studies, and a community where designers can participate in AI art competitions.Playbook AI emphasizes ethical usage of AI-generated art and assures users that their data and artwork will not be sold or used for training machine learning models.

The tool aims to support designers in leveraging AI technology while maintaining their unique artistic style and protecting their privacy and intellectual property.


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