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Connecting AI Art Like Tetris
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PencilsOut is an AI-powered design tool that innovatively facilitates the design process. The platform houses a community of creative minds and offers an engaging way to create AI Art using a concept compared to the game Tetris.

The unique method involves the use of 'blocks', powered by Generative AI, which can be connected in various ways to build complex workflows, thereby simplifying and enhancing the AI image generation process.

Users can start off with simple building blocks and gradually move on to more complex ones, enabling an intuitive understanding and usage of the tool.

PencilsOut offers various pricing plans designed to cater to a wide range of needs and a comprehensive selection of features, including live collaborations and API access in the near future.

The tool is well-received by its user base, often characterized as an 'AI powered game-changer' that transforms the design process.


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