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DALLE3 with Parameters

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ByAlvaro Cintas
Adapts MidJourney's parameters for DALL·E 3.
GPT welcome message: How can I assist you with DALL·E 3 today?
Sample prompts:
Create an image of a teddy bear --w 3000.
!ep Ultra-detailed anime illustration of a female character crying with a face focus --ar 7:4
Generate a realistic sunset with vast white mountains --ar 7:4.
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DALLE3 with Parameters is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) tool that adapts MidJourney's parameters for DALLE 3. This GPT has been developed by Alvaro Cintas and is designed to assist users in interacting and creating with the DALLE 3 application.

Using ChatGPT, it offers a wide variety of prompt starters that are targeted towards generating images based on specified parameters. Some of these prompt starters include generating an ultra-detailed anime illustration of a specific character or creating a realistic sunset scene with certain attributes.

This GPT comes with a pre-configured welcome message guiding users on how to make use of DALLE 3. It is a valuable tool for users who want to leverage the capabilities of DALLE 3 without having to understand and fine tune parameters themselves.

By simplifying the process of interacting with DALLE 3, DALLE3 with Parameters opens up a vast creative potential for users to explore and enjoy. Note that to access and use this GPT users are required to sign up with ChatGPT Plus.


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