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Make beautiful 8bit art.
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Pxlize AI is an application that allows users to transform their images into pixel art. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the tool automates the process of creating vibrant, 8-bit style pieces from user-uploaded images, simplifying the often tedious process of manual pixel art creation.

The application is user-friendly with a one-button setup to 'Pxlize' images. The interface also provides a system of in-app purchases and rewards. Access to the features of the app requires Pxl coins, which users can obtain either through purchase or by watching in-app advertisements.

The application is made available on the App Store and compatible for use on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It exists within the 'Photo & Video' category, highlighting its functional focus on image creation and manipulation.

Some level of user data collection occurs within the app, as disclosed in the developer's privacy policy. However, the data collected is reportedly not linked to the user's identity.


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Pxlize AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 30th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms images into pixel art
Automates pixel art creation
User-friendly interface
One-button setup
In-app purchases and rewards
Uses Pxl coins for features
Earn coins through advertisements
Compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod
Function focus on image creation/manipulation
Some user data collection
Anonymity of collected data
Available on the App Store
In the Photo & Video category
Supports vibrant 8-bit art
Affiliated with a developer's privacy policy
Endorsed photo manipulation
Option to download the app
In-app coins for services
Rating system for user interaction


Only for iOS devices
In-app purchases required
Requires Pxl coins to operate
Watch ads for more coins
Data collection present
Not linked to user identity
No language variety


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How can I obtain more Pxl coins?
Are there any in-app purchases in Pxlize AI?
Does Pxlize AI have any user interactions?
What categories of user data does Pxlize AI collect?
Is the data Pxlize AI collects linked to my identity?
Can Pxlize AI be used on an iPod touch?
Can I share the images I create with Pxlize AI?
How does Pxlize AI handle data privacy?
What other features does Pxlize AI offer?
How does the one-button setup for Pxlize AI work?
Where can I download Pxlize AI?
Is Pxlize AI free to use?
What does the user interface of Pxlize AI look like?
What level of detail can I expect in the pixel art created by Pxlize AI?


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