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Run Stable Diffusion models for AI image generation.
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RenderNet is an AI Image Generator that operates on high-performance GPUs to run Stable Diffusion models. The tool is designed to transform text prompts into AI-generated images with a focus on speed and efficiency.

It hosts a range of models each with unique identifiers like 'shoutingzebra_1022', 'runningbird_1583', etc., each assigned for different kinds of image generations.

The generated images can be anything from characters to portraits to abstract concepts, all based on the provided text input. The platform seems interactive and allows users to sign in, explore, and even host their models.

Users are also given free credits to facilitate their image generation process. Although RenderNet can be accessed on any device, it is best viewed through a desktop for optimal performance.

The platform encourages users to enable JavaScript for a complete experience with RenderNet.


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Dec 17, 2023
love this. simple to get started. with ton of sophisticated features like controlnet, facelock etc. worth a try.

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