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ByIgnacio Alonso
Creative assistant for image generation
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Sample prompts:
a tasteful portrait of a beautiful girl looking at the camera, ultra detailed, 8k, skindentation, street photography, ultra detailed eyes, beautiful eyes, beautiful stare
What would be a good prompt for a retro-style diner?
Could you suggest a prompt for an abstract art piece?
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SDXL Artist is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) designed to assist in creative image generation tasks using the Stable Diffusion XL API. Developed by Ignacio Alonso, this tool has shown proficiency in generating images with highly specific details based on provided prompts.

These prompts can range from precise scenarios, such as a 'tasteful portrait of a beautiful girl looking at the camera' to wider creative concepts, such as suggesting prompts for 'an abstract art piece' or a 'retro-style diner'.

As such, SDXL Artist GPT can be of significant utility to visual artists, graphic designers, and creative professionals seeking AI-assistive tools for image creation.

To avail the services of this GPT, users need to possess a ChatGPT Plus account and are likely to experience an interface that is engaged and ready to help create unique images.

Keep in mind, the quality and detail level of generated image outcomes will greatly depend on how detailed and specific your issued prompts are. Precise, descriptive prompts are likely to yield more tailored results.


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