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Crafting photorealistic prompts and images with AI.
Sample prompts:
Generate 5 prompt for a cityscape at dusk.
Create natural scene in prompts with a specific camera.
Can you make prompt for a wildlife photo?
I need prompt for an indoor professional setup.
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E-ASY Prompts & Gen is an AI-powered tool that specializes in crafting and refining high-quality, photorealistic prompts and images. Designed as a GPT, this application operates on top of ChatGPT and leverages the power of AI to produce results that bear attention to professional camera specifications.

The tool's objective is to produce images aligned as close as possible to the parameters and requirements fed to it, including specifics like the type of scene, time of day, and even with camera settings.

Users can use prompts such as 'Generate 5 prompts for a cityscape at dusk,' or 'Create a natural scene in prompts with a specific camera.' Other prompts can be focused on wildlife photography or indoor professional setups.

This versatility makes it a suitable application for individuals in creative professions, catering specifically to photographers, art directors, and graphic artists who need to simulate various scenarios or concepts.

The tool's inclusivity extends to requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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