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Generates realistic human portraits using DALL-E 3.
Sample prompts:
A sad, stressed mother expressing grief in an everyday suburban setting
Everyday man on a construction site looking angry, tired and sweaty on an overcast day
Middle-aged woman taking a photo in a public bathroom mirror
full-body shot of a grandmother on rollerblades in a thunderstorm.
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Realistic People GPT: Portrait Photography is an Artificial Intelligence powered tool developed by AirStack that employs the capabilities of DALL-E 3 to generate realistic portraits of human subjects.

This GPT is essentially designed for the task of replicating high-quality human portraits from textual descriptions. It utilizes a ChatGPT structure setting, which requires a ChatGPT Plus GPT setup for functionality.To initiate the process, users input simple and direct prompts.

These prompts may describe individuals in particular scenarios, for instance, a 'sad, stressed mother expressing grief in an everyday suburban setting, or a 'mid-aged woman taking a photo in a public bathroom mirror'.

Upon receiving the prompt, the tool processes it and generates a portrait that aligns with the given description.This tool represents a significant application of AI in the field of photography and digital art, proposing a novel method for generating unique, realistic illustrations based on user-provided contexts and scenarios.


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Apr 6, 2024
It's really great if you want all of your characters to be Caucasian, thin and tall. It took 2 tries to get the other mainstream gender, another couple for body size. Still more for skintone but be aware you'll simply get a Caucasian person with a tan so you must provide an origin and I did get finally somewhere close but bummed out it took 9 tries and it's not bad but will need serious trial and error.

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