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Rupa.AI is an AI-based platform that specialises in enhancing and transforming photos and visual designs. It offers four main tools: Artvatar, Headshot, Potret Kenangan (K-Beauty) and Dreamspace.

Artvatar can convert a normal profile picture into an extraordinary one in an array of illustration and photography styles. Headshot assists in creating a professional profile picture or LinkedIn photo from an ordinary image.

With Potret Kenangan, also known as K-Beauty, users can transform a regular selfie into a Korean artist-inspired or studio style photo, featuring varied Korean-style makeup and hairstyles.

Dreamspace allows users to visualise their ideal interior design. By uploading a photo of a room, the AI will transform it according to the user's vision.

The entire platform prioritizes user privacy and seeks to provide solutions to various visual challenges. Rupa.AI is designed as an user-friendly tool, with the majority of its functions delivering results within an hour.


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