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Generates lifelike stock, style, and animal photos.
GPT welcome message: Hi! I'm Real Image, ready to create realistic photos for you.
Sample prompts:
Generate a stock photo of a busy city street.
Create a stylized image of a vintage car.
Produce a realistic photo of a golden retriever.
Illustrate a fashion style photo with a summer theme.
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Real Image GenE is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) that is primarily designed to generate lifelike images. It ranges from stock photos to style-themed images, as well as animal photos.

Conceived by, this GPT is developed to function on top of ChatGPT platform. The key proposition of the tool is its ability to create highly realistic photos based on user prompts.

Users can make demands that are as specific as 'producing a realistic photo of a golden retriever' or 'illustrating a fashion style photo with a summer theme'.

The generated images are such that they can be applied as authentic stock images or fashioned into style-pictures per the user's instruction.Furthermore, Real Image GenE has a wide scope, it's capable of creating a visually appealing image of any scenario, encompassing from busy city streets to the image of vintage vehicles.

The tool offers remarkable veracity and flexibility, helping users to generate various types of images built from natural language instructions. Please note that usage of this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.

It presents a unique solution for professionals and enthusiasts who require a regular feed of varied, customizable and accurate imagery built straight from text prompts.

To conclude, Real Image GenE can be seen as your own personal image generator, designed to transform textual concepts into strikingly realistic visual imagery.


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