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Generates images for architectural and interior design.
Generated by ChatGPT is a platform that offers a collection of generative image applications for architectural and interior design projects. It allows users to explore, create, and share images generated by AI.

One of the applications available on is the Bau: AI Interior Designer. This advanced AI interior designer helps users visualize a renewed perspective of their living space.

By uploading a photo and selecting a style, the AI-powered solution redesigns any room based on individual preferences. Whether users prefer the crisp aesthetic of a Miami modern interior or the authentic appeal of an industrial design, the AI can cater to their specific taste.

This application provides practical assistance for upcoming redecoration or refurbishing projects.Another application offered on is Arch-E: Architectural AI.

This application is trained on a dataset of thousands of architectural images and can generate images of buildings from text descriptions. It can also render architectural sketches photorealistically.In addition, includes an industrial design application for sketch renders and shape explorations.

This app is based on a model trained on various industrial design aims to make it easier for model makers to turn their models into online applications without the need to manage GPUs.

They are currently in beta and looking to onboard more models, particularly those with fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models.Overall, offers a diverse range of generative image applications for architectural and interior design, empowering users to explore creative possibilities and streamline their design processes.


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Aug 16, 2023
Ice cream clear picture
Jul 29, 2023
This tool gives a selection of architects to use as inspiration, including Gaudi, which was cool. However, like all the other AI architecture tools I've seen, it lacks imagination. Forget about asking for designs that depart from mainstream presumptions about materials, construction, purposes, etc.

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Pros and Cons


Generates architectural images
Generates interior design images
Redesigns any room based on preferences
Generates image from text descriptions
Renders architectural sketches photorealistically
Industrial design application included
Easier for model makers
Not need to manage GPUs
In beta, new improvements coming
Free to get started
Helps visualize renewed living space
Customizes to individual taste
Support for various styles
Practical assistance for redecoration
Practical assistance for refurbishing
Generates images of different buildings
Generates images from textual descriptions
Helps in shape explorations


Limited interior design styles
Lacks object-specific transformations
No real-time design renderings
Bound to Stable Diffusion models
Currently in beta
No collaborative design features
Dependent on user instructions
Bulk image generation not available
Specific taste catered only
Lacks multi-user design collaboration


What is
What is the purpose of the platform?
How does's Bau: AI Interior Designer work?
Can be used in redecoration projects?
What is Arch-E: Architectural AI?
Can Arch-E generate images from just text descriptions?
What type of images does the industrial design app on generate?
Who can use
Who can benefit from the AI tools on
What kind of style preferences can's AI Interior Designer cater to?
What models can be onboarded onto
Can's applications generate photorealistic sketches?
How many users does have?
How does assist model makers?
Why is interested in fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models?
What kind of images can I explore with the platform?
Can render an architectural sketch?
What will an architectural sketch look like when generated by
Can visualize my exterior architecture project?
How do I get started on

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