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Generate images that are progressively MORE.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Tell me about the picture you're imagining.
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Make It MORE is a GPT that uses the underlying capabilities of ChatGPT to generate images based on the user's input. It leverages AI techniques to progressively make images more detailed according to given descriptions.

The tool engages with the user starting with a welcome message, asking about the picture the user is imagining.From this point, users have the opportunity to creatively describe the image they have in mind, thus inputting data for the AI to process.

This input is then used by the tool to create an image that aligns with the user's vision. The ongoing process is designed to be interactive, prompting users to continually refine and add more detail to their description, giving the generated image progressively more detail.The tool is presented in a chat-like interface, which makes it possible for the user to guide the image creation.

It doesn't just create an image based on initial input, it offers an option to incrementally improve the image based on user's continuing feedback.Make It MORE GPT is suitable for users looking for an interactive tool to produce custom images based on their descriptions.

It can serve as an outlet for creativity or a practical tool for visualizing concepts. It requires users to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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