Image generation 12 Apr 2017
Auto Draw
Assisted image creation through quick sketching.

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AutoDraw is a tool powered by machine learning and drawing from talented artists that helps users draw quickly and easily. It requires Javascript and is available for free online.

It's simple to use, even for non-artist users. To start drawing, users just need to click and the faster they click, the faster the drawing goes. AutoDraw also provides users with a range of helpful features such as the ability to download, share, start over, and use shortcuts.

Additionally, users can learn from the artists featured on the platform and get more information on the AI Experiments website. Privacy and terms are also available on the Google policies page.

Auto Draw was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Assisted image creation
Quick sketching feature
Free online availability
Simple usability
Fast drawing speed
Downloadable content
Sharing options
Reset feature
Keyboard shortcuts
Learning platform
Artist feature
Detailed website information
Privacy policies transparency
Requires Javascript


Requires Javascript
Limited to sketching
No offline mode
Restrictive drawing speed
No advanced sketching tools
Limited privacy options
No multiplatform support
No version control
Reliant on internet connection
Minimal artist interaction


What is AutoDraw?
How does AutoDraw work?
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Does AutoDraw work on all devices?
Why does AutoDraw require Javascript?
How is machine learning applied in AutoDraw?
Are there any costs associated with using AutoDraw?
How can AutoDraw help non-artists?
Where can I get more information about AutoDraw experiments?
Can I share my AutoDraw creations online?
How can I learn from artists in AutoDraw?
What are some shortcuts that can be used while working on AutoDraw?
Does AutoDraw have any policies I should be aware of before using?
Can I download my creations from AutoDraw?
What’s the benefit of using AutoDraw in comparison to traditional drawing tools?
How to start over a drawing in AutoDraw?
How can AutoDraw help me draw faster?
Is AutoDraw an officially supported Google tool?

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