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Turbo.Art is an artificial intelligence-powered image generation tool developed by Modal Labs. This unique application uses Stability's SDXL Turbo for image rendering, a technology renowned for its capacity to enhance and generate visuals in a variety of styles.

The tool essentially acts as a painting tool, but with AI functionality that extends and surpasses traditional artistic limitations. Turbo.Art provides a canvas where users can draw an image or provide prompts, then the AI takes over to generate an entirely new image based on the input.

There's a broad range of styles and themes the AI can adhere to from cityscape settings to cartoon-style reefs, or even reproduce the distinctive style of Studio Ghibli illustrations.

The 'Enhance' feature allows further refinement of the generated image, and users can then save the resulting artwork in high-quality PNG or JPEG formats.

For the tech-savvy users, the Turbo.Art codebase is freely accessible on GitHub for additional customization or improvement. Turbo.Art is a versatile tool for those looking to explore the intersections of art and AI technology, offering a platform that innovates still further the way we create and consume visual content.


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