Generated Photos
Generates realistic human images.

Generated by ChatGPT

Generated Humans is an AI tool designed to generate realistic whole-body images. With a large database of 100,000 humans that don’t exist, users can create images with a variety of body types, ages, clothing, and poses.

All images are free for non-commercial use with an attribution back to The tool is GDPR and CCPA compliant and no likeness rights are required.

Generated Humans is powered by a generative adversarial network (GAN) and trained on studio photos by Icons8. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as game development, machine learning, academic research, metaverses, artwork, fashion, standees and toys, crowd scenes, and more.

Generated Humans is a worry-free and legally compliant tool for creating realistic images.

Generated Photos was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 7th 2022.
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Ivan Braun
· Aug 19, 2023
not nude though
24hrfun fun
· May 20, 2023
Male selfie with fan's

Pros and Cons


Generates whole body images
100,000 human database
Various body types
Different age options
Variety of clothing
Different pose options
Free non-commercial use
Requires attribution only
GDPR compliant
CCPA compliant
No likeness rights needed
Creates realistic images
Worry-free legal compliance
Order custom datasets available
Uses GAN for generation
Trained on studio photos
Useful for game development
Useful for machine learning
Suitable for academic research
Can be used in metaverses
Useful for artwork creation
Practical for fashion industry
Suitable for standee creation
Useful for crowd scenes
Used for NFT artwork
Can be used for memorialization
Applicable for scientific reports


Requires attribution for use
Only generates human images
Limited to non-commercial use
No likeness rights
Variety of images limited
Lacks customization options
No bulk download option
Closed source
No auto-refresh feature
No dynamic image generation


What is Generated Humans?
How does Generated Humans work?
What is the technology behind Generated Humans?
Can the images generated by Generated Humans be used for commercial use?
What are the terms of use for Generated Humans?
Are the images generated by Generated Humans free?
What are some potential uses for Generated Humans?
What does 'GDPR and CCPA compliant' mean in relation to Generated Humans?
Why is Generated Humans 'a worries-free and legally compliant tool'?
How diverse are the human images that Generated Humans can generate?
What data set is Generated Humans trained on?
What is the significance of the Generated Humans tool being powered by a GAN?
Can I customize the images generated by Generated Humans?
How realistic are the images generated by Generated Humans?
Who owns the rights of the images generated by Generated Humans?
Can Generated Humans be used in game development?
Does Generated Humans have an API?
What role does attribution play in the use of images generated by Generated Humans?
Does Generated Humans offer any solutions for machine learning?
What are the pricing options for Generated Humans?

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