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Child art app teaching about artificial intelligence.
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Kidgeni is an AI art app designed specifically for children to learn about artificial intelligence. It offers an interactive experience designed to introduce young minds to the fascinating world of AI and empowers them to get excited about it.

With its range of AI tools, children can learn about generating AI art, crafting unique stories, and more. Kidgeni provides a safe space where children can explore the limitless possibilities of AI.Using Kidgeni's app, children can generate art and print it onto t-shirts, hoodies, and other items.

They can also create books with AI and listen to their own stories. The app also provides several prompts to help children explore and learn more about AI.

Kidgeni emphasizes boosting creativity and critical thinking skills, preparing children for the tech-driven future, and empowering digital literacy.Parents can appreciate the app for its ability to ignite magical learning, combining art, technology, and problem-solving to inspire a lifelong passion for exploration and learning.

Kidgeni's community also welcomes children to share their stories with others and express their creativity. Overall, Kidgeni is a unique app for children to learn more about AI and its capabilities.


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Kidgeni was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive learning experiences
Prompts for creative exploration
Print artwork on merchandise
Enhances creativity and critical thinking
Direct learning towards tech future
Promotes digital literacy
App designed specifically for children
Story sharing in community
Nurtures tech-savvy innovators
Discounts on unlimited art
Supports creation, sharing and wearing
Join the community, share creativity
Promotes problem-solving skills
Prepares for tech-driven future
Accessible to children and parents
Enhances confident navigation of technology


No parental control
Limited clothing item options
No offline mode
No multiple language support
No collaborative features
Lacks detailed user tutorials
No free version available
No Android version
No data privacy for kids


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Can children create books with AI on Kidgeni?
What is the Kidgeni community?
Can kids share their AI-generated artwork on Kidgeni?
How is Kidgeni preparing children for a tech-driven future?
What is the purpose of the AI tools provided in Kidgeni?
Can children listen to their own stories on Kidgeni?
How does Kidgeni empower digital literacy in children?
What interactive experiences does Kidgeni offer?
Is Kidgeni safe for children?
What type of art can kids generate using AI on Kidgeni?
Are there any special offers available on Kidgeni?
Can children write their own stories on Kidgeni?
How can you sign up in Kidgeni?


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