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Quickly create children's books with ease.
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CreateBookAI is a powerful AI tool that allows users to easily and quickly create stunning children's books. With just a few simple steps, users can design and create beautifully illustrated books in as little as 5 minutes.

The tool offers a wide range of customizable options to suit each user's specific needs.Users have the ability to choose the title of the book, the main character, their companion (if applicable), the time period in which the story takes place, and the moral they want to convey.

They can also select the number of pages they want in their book.The AI technology behind CreateBookAI ensures that the generated books are fully customizable.

If the results aren't convenient, users can regenerate the text or images until they are satisfied. This allows for a personalized and unique book creation experience.Once a book has been generated, users have full ownership of the book, including selling rights and copyright.

The generated book is accessible in high-resolution format and can be exported to PDF.CreateBookAI offers a user-friendly interface where users can easily choose between multiple illustrations for each page.

They can select their preferred illustration from four generated options and even use a zoom function to make the selection process easier.Overall, CreateBookAI enables users to create the perfect children's book without the need for any writing or graphic design skills.

With its quick generation process, customizable options, and full ownership rights, this tool is a valuable asset for authors, illustrators, and anyone looking to create high-quality children's books efficiently.


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Dec 2, 2023
It would have been nice to do a sample story or tell me that I had to pay before it allowed me to enter all of my prompts in anticipation. No way to give a proper review.

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Pros and Cons


Creates books quickly
Many customizable options
Regenerate text or images
Total book ownership
Includes selling rights
High-resolution format
Export to PDF
User-friendly interface
Choose illustrations
Zoom function
Page selection
No need for writing skills
No graphic design skills needed
Quick generation process
Perfect for authors
Perfect for illustrators
Adjustable parameters
Four illustrations per page
Editable paragraphs
Regenerate not satisfying illustrations
Square format book
Editable book
Possible to add sentences
Ability to delete words
Choose number of pages
All rights, even commercial
Ability to sell book
Antiquity to future timeline
Moral selection
Main character selection
Companion selection
Multiple reviewers


Only square format available
Limited time period selection
Credits needed for generation
Limited character customization
Cost for generating book
Limited illustration selection
Cannot generate without credits
Limited moral themes available
Limited number of pages


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