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Personalized bedtime stories creation for children.
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Fantasaur is an AI-powered tool designed to help parents create personalized bedtime stories for their children. The tool allows parents to select the preferred language of the story, choose from a range of moral or lesson options, and even customize the names of the characters in the story.

With the click of a button, Fantasaur's powerful AI engine generates a unique bedtime story with accompanying pictures that can be read or listened to.It is important to note that Fantasaur is intended for supervised use by parents and is not designed for unsupervised use by children.

While Fantasaur has safety measures in place to ensure child-appropriate content, the stories generated by the AI are not moderated.The tool is accessible through any major web browser on both mobile and desktop devices.

Additionally, Fantasaur offers an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are subscription plans available, including a free trial option for users to explore the features and create their first stories.Fantasaur aims to help parents create engaging and enjoyable storytelling experiences for their children, fostering a shared activity that can be cherished and remembered.


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