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Child as artist's inspiration for books.
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Selfarama is an AI-powered platform that creates personalized picture books for children featuring them as famous artists' subjects. After uploading a few photos of the child, the AI generates artwork inspired by different artists' styles, providing a playful and educational way to introduce art history to children.

Parents can then order the printed picture book, which is shipped to them. Selfarama's books have received positive feedback from art teachers, photographers, parents, and nurses, who highlight the educational value and the lovely experience of seeing the child's face in famous paintings.

Selfarama offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows parents to create a book in just two minutes. There is also an FAQ section that addresses common questions, such as whether the pictures look like the child, if they resemble the artist's style, and if children enjoy books without a story.

The platform is run by a single dad based in Melbourne, Australia, and it is continually expanding its collection of artist-inspired titles. Selfarama's approach is unique, providing a personalized and educational way to experience art history for children.

It offers parents a fun and meaningful activity to share with their children while promoting artistic and cultural literacy.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized picture books creation
Educational art history introduction
Artistic interpretations of child photos
High-quality printed books
Positive feedback from art educators
User-friendly interface
Quick book creation process
Detailed FAQ section
regularly expanding artist roster
Promotes cultural literacy
Highly unique concept
Artwork resembles famous artists' styles
Highly interactive user experience


Limited artist styles
No narrative story
Only printed format
No digital book option
Limited customization options
Single-person support team
Shipment location limitations
Grey site design
Single language
No real-time preview


What is Selfarama?
How does Selfarama work?
Who is behind Selfarama?
How does the personalized picture book creation process work?
Can I order and ship Selfarama's books internationally?
Why does Selfarama focus on art history?
How does Selfarama ensure the generated images resemble the child?
Are the generated images really in the style of different artists?
How long does it take to create a book with Selfarama?
Does Selfarama offer a variety of artist-inspired titles?
Can I suggest artists for Selfarama to add in the future?
Do the personalized books from Selfarama have a story?
Why is Selfarama's site design so minimalist?
Can children really enjoy books without a story?
How has the feedback for Selfarama's products been?
Is it easy to navigate and create a book on Selfarama's platform?
Does the AI generate both pictures and stories for the book?
How are the images generated by Selfarama’s AI?
What age group is Selfarama best suited for?
Does Selfarama have a privacy policy for the uploaded photos?

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