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Create incredible storybooks with compelling artwork & amazing narrators.
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Matchbooks is a creative and educational tool designed to foster children's imagination, storytelling skills, and language acquisition. It enables users to craft magical storybooks featuring vibrant artwork and captivating narratives.

Assisting in this adventure are the tool's intelligent guides, Kai and Liv, who guide the story creation process. Children can personalize their narratives, incorporating aspects of their daily lives and imagination to enhance their storybook experiences.One of the main features of Matchbooks is the vast and growing library of stories it houses, aiming to engage young readers and instill a love for reading and learning.

This collaborative platform turns reading time into an interactive adventure, allowing young users to shape their tales, revealing their inner thoughts and enhancing their creativity.Matchbooks also incorporates a parent narrator mode, letting parents read and interact with the story alongside the child, facilitating bonding moments and further enhancing the learning journey.In addition, the tool focuses on developing early reading skills, with voice narration and word highlighting that can help improve understanding and pronunciation of new words.Moreover, Matchbooks creates a safe and trusted environment for children.

It ensures the content is always age-appropriate, with an emphasis on non-violence, respect for authority, and cultural sensitivity. Multiple layers of safety technology are put in place for a secure user experience.


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Matchbooks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fosters imagination
Improves storytelling skills
Aids language acquisition
Offers vibrant artwork
Captivating narratives
Intelligent guides
Personalized narratives
Incorporates daily lives aspects
Vast story library
Collaborative platform
Interactive reading
Parent narrator mode
Improves early reading skills
Voice narration
Word highlighting
Safe environment
Age-appropriate content
Non-violence emphasis
Respect for authority
Cultural sensitivity
Multiple safety layers
Develops creativity
Parent-child interaction
Enhances children's confidence
Improves pronunciation
Child centric
Growing library
Highlights understanding of words
Secure user experience
Encourages reading and learning
Facilitates parental bonding
Emphasizes personalized learning
User-friendly interface
200+ stories
Nurtures storytelling ability
Multi-layered safety technology
Reveals child's inner thoughts
Encourages respect for authority


No offline mode mentioned
Unspecified safety technology
No mention of multilingual support
Potential bias in story creation
Restricted to predefined narrative structure
No apparent skill progression tracking
Unspecified age range
No indication of platform compatibility
Lack of quantifiable learning outcome
Limited customization options for stories


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