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Create unique fairytales for your child with each click.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to create personalized bedtime stories for children. Using advanced AI algorithms, it crafts unique tales filled with adventure and valuable life lessons, according to the preferences set by the user.

Story themes vary widely, covering everything from magical kingdoms to superhero metropolises. This tool allows parents, caregivers, or educators to create stories that not only entertain, but also educate on topics like internet safety or help provide tailored support for challenging situations like peer pressure.

An upcoming feature promises to add even more personalisation by enabling stories to be read in a user's own voice. Every story created is reviewed by AI algorithms for child safety and age-appropriateness, ensuring a secure storytelling environment.

Basic story creation on is free, with a subscription model available for more detailed personalisation. Privacy is paramount with all custom-made stories kept private and accessible only to the creator. was developed by Neural.Love and is powered by GPT-4.


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Pros and Cons


Creates personalized bedtime stories
Teaches valuable life lessons
Wide range of themes
Supports challenging topics
Capability to use user's voice
Age-appropriate content
Basic version is free
Paid for detailed personalisation
Keeps custom stories private
Wide variety of lessons
Unlimited story creation
Interactive story customization
GPT-4 powered
Supports cognitive development
Educational and entertaining
Privacy-centric platform
Easy to use interface
Access controlled by creator
Children tailored content
For parents and educators
Integrated with advanced algorithms
Promotes safe online environment
Available subscription model
Boosts creative writing skills
Multiple story settings and characters


Lacks diverse language support
Paid subscription for detailed personalisation
No offline mode
Limited to children's content
No collaborative story creation
Can't save stories in-app
No voice-over feature yet
Reliance on internet connectivity
Anonymised user voice storage
Limited customization in free version


What is
How does create personalized stories?
What types of themes does offer for its stories?
Can create stories that educate on specific topics?
How does ensure the safety and age-appropriateness of its stories?
What is the cost to use
Is there a subscription model available for
How does protect user privacy?
Who developed
What AI technology powers
Can I make a story that can be read in my own voice on
What are some examples of stories created using
How does cater to teaching resources?
How does play into cognitive development of a child?
Why use when I can use GPT-4 myself for story creation?
Does create stories centered around child safety?
What added features are available under's subscription plan?
Are the stories I create on accessible to others?
Can generate stories focusing on complex topics like peer pressure?
Is recommended by real parents?

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