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Create a captivating personalized children book.
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Magic Tales is a service that creates custom children books tailored to a childs specific needs and experiences. It offers an uncomplex platform where users can personalize a story based on information they provide about the child and a chosen theme.

These themes can range from courage, bullying, imagination, to building friendships and learning colors and shapes - based on the child's age and interests.

The service allows users to edit the story and illustrations, ensuring the story is the perfect fit for the child. The process is designed to be accomplished quickly and without complicated steps.Once the book is created, Magic Tales prints and ships the book directly to the customer.

The end product is a hardcover, beautifully printed book that can serve as a unique and lasting gift or educational tool. The books aim to both educate and captivate, blending the advantages of personalization with proven benefits of reading to children.

The platform incorporates research studies on the effects of reading on a childs development for the creation of the books - curated by experienced professionals including a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a family therapist and a tech expert.

It guarantees the delivery of a quality product created from the wealth of expertise and dedicated research.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized books creation
Variety of themes
Editable story and illustrations
Quick, uncomplicated process
Direct shipping to customers
Educationally advantaged
Child development focused
Professionally curated content
Quality and expertise guaranteed
Educational and captivating blend
Hardcover, high-quality print
Free shipping
Offers money-back guarantee
Age-specific books available
Potential to enhance IQ
Endured by experts
Customizable according to child's needs
Produces lifelong educational tools
Effect of reading incorporated
Comprehensive professional expertise
Proven reading benefits incorporated
Blends personalization and education
Dedicated research integration
Offers unique, lasting gifts
Interactive platform for customization
Customer-centric experience
Effects of therapeutic storytelling incorporated
Supports child's specific needs and experiences
Various age-group options available
Practical solutions available
Custom books as per child's challenges
Co-creation involvement
Follow-up support provided
Basis on child's interest and age
Diverse genre topics


Limited theme selection
No digital book option
No collaboration feature
Lengthy book creation process
Limited illustration editing
No multi-language support
Delayed shipping
No preview functionality
No bulk ordering option
Limited age category options


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