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Customize stories for kids.
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StoryBird is an AI tool that enables users to create personalized stories for kids. The tool allows the user to choose three elements and the AI generates a custom story featuring the child.

The story is then narrated in the voice of the host of Maked Up Stories. While the primary use case for StoryBird is creating personalized stories for kids, it can also be leveraged by authors, educators, or parents looking to engage children through interactive storytelling.

There are several features available on StoryBird, including a library of pre-existing stories, a tool for creating and downloading personalized stories, and a plugin that allows users to engage in chatbot conversations with a character from a selected story.

StoryBird's focus on personalization and accessibility makes it an innovative tool in the area of educational technology. Its ease of use, combined with its AI storytelling capabilities, empowers users to create custom stories that are engaging and appropriate for their intended audience.

Additionally, the tool's ability to narrate the stories in the voice of the host of Maked Up Stories can create an immersive and interactive experience for both the creator and the child.

StoryBird's unique blend of AI and storytelling is a promising solution for educators, authors, and parents interested in raising children's interest in reading while also developing their creativity and critical thinking skills.


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StoryBird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalizes stories for kids
Host narration feature
Useful for authors, educators, parents
Interactive storytelling
Library of pre-existing stories
Custom story creation tool
Downloadable stories
Chatbot conversation feature
Focus on education technology
Aids in child engagement
Encourages child creativity
Develops critical thinking skills
Immersive experience
Accessible tool
Raises reading interest
Plugin integration


Limited story elements options
No mobile app version
Limited languages support
Requires JavaScript enabled
No API for integration
Lacks reading level adjustment
Limited pre-existing stories
Limited characters for chatbot
Narration voice not customizable
No offline mode available


What is StoryBird?
How does StoryBird work?
Who is the target audience for StoryBird?
What are the main features of StoryBird?
Can StoryBird be used by authors and educators?
How personalized are the stories created by StoryBird?
What do the three elements in StoryBird refer to?
Can I have a conversation with a character using StoryBird?
What is the voice used in the StoryBird narration?
Can I download the stories I create on StoryBird?
Is there a library of pre-existing stories in StoryBird?
How can I use the chatbot plugin in StoryBird?
Does StoryBird support multiple languages?
What benefits can StoryBird bring to my children's education?
Is StoryBird suited for young children?
Can I create my own story on StoryBird?
How can StoryBird help in developing creativity and critical thinking skills?
Is StoryBird a free tool?
What kind of stories can I create with StoryBird?
How do I login to my StoryBird account?


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