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Personalized books for diverse events.
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JoyPlanet Store is an AI-based tool that allows users to create personalized books for children and adults. The tool enables users to customize the book by adding details about the main character such as their name, age, photos, hobbies, and more.

The name of the main character appears in the book title and throughout the book. The picture of the main character is converted into a cartoon-like image and put on the front cover of the book.

Additionally, a personal dedication letter and the main character's picture are put on page 2, and a funny rhyme is created based on the main character's hobby or something they like.

An illustrated character resembling the main character appears in the book. Users can choose from a variety of books in the catalog, including bestsellers like "The Case of Missing Kid: Detective Snuffle's Park Adventure" and "My Cosmic Mission on Mars." These personalized books can be created in just a few seconds using the tool's user-friendly interface.

JoyPlanet Store caters to a range of occasions, including birthdays, new born, Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, First School Day, and more. Users can subscribe to the tool's newsletter and receive a 20% discount on their next book.

In summary, JoyPlanet Store is an innovative and easy-to-use tool that allows users to create personalized books for children and adults for various occasions.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized children's books
Incorporates user photos
Photo becomes cartoon-like image
Includes personal dedication page
Unique rhyme creation
Illustrated character resemblance
Wide catalog variety
Bestseller options
Caters to multiple occasions
Easy-to-use interface
Quick creation process
Newsletter subscription discount


Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited book customization
Doesn't offer international shipping
No mobile app
Limited genre selection
No preview before purchase
No multi-language support


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How is the main character's photo used in the JoyPlanet Store's book?
Will the main character's name appear in the title and throughout the book in JoyPlanet Store?
What is the range of occasions catered to by JoyPlanet Store?
Is there a discount for subscribing to JoyPlanet Store's newsletter?
How does the creation of funny rhymes based on the character's hobby work in JoyPlanet Store?
Can I review and make changes to the book before finalizing it in JoyPlanet Store?
Is creating a book in JoyPlanet Store a quick process?
What are the best-selling books in JoyPlanet Store?
Can I create a book about my coworkers or pets using JoyPlanet Store?
Does the JoyPlanet Store require JavaScript to function?
How is the character's age used in the book created in JoyPlanet Store?
What will appear on page 2 of the book created in JoyPlanet Store?
Does the JoyPlanet Store offer any guidelines or FAQs on its usage?


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