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ByRashômon International
Creating children's stories in French.
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Sample prompts:
Raconte-moi l'histoire de...
La véritable histoire de Louis XIV
Le conte des oiseaux qui parlent
L'histoire du monde sans vérité
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Conteur d'Histoires is a GPT that serves as a story creator for children in French. Designed by Rashmon International, it uses the capabilities of ChatGPT Plus as its base to generate engaging narratives for kids.

This tool is perfect for presenting inventive bedtime stories or even stories for educational purposes. The interaction with the Conteur d'Histoires is started by using different prompt starters such as 'Raconte-moi l'histoire de...', 'La vritable histoire de Louis XIV', 'Le conte des oiseaux qui parlent', and 'L'histoire du monde sans vrit'.

Upon the initiation, Conteur d'Histoires delivers dynamic and immersive stories that cater to the imaginative realm of children. By crafting the narratives largely in French, it not only encourages reading and listening comprehension in the French language but also enriches the cultural understanding among young minds.

Note that users will need to sign up to ChatGPT Plus to access this GPT. If you're in search of an interactive and creative method to provide Francophone stories to children, Conteur d'Histoires is an apt GPT to consider.


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Conteur d'Histoires was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2024.
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