Children's stories 2023-06-27
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Customized bedtime stories for kids.
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TaleBot is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create personalized bedtime stories for your child. With this tool, you can customize characters, develop new storylines, and create a unique story in just minutes.

By using TaleBot, you can provide your child with stories they've never heard before, allowing their creativity to run wild and making them the hero of their dreams.

The tool helps you teach important values, encourage curiosity, and spark imagination in your child.To create a story, you simply name the main character, choose an adventure, and add a moral.

TaleBot's AI bot then generates a story based on your inputs. The tool respects your privacy and only asks for non-identifiable information to make the story uniquely yours.TaleBot provides a PDF copy of the story as well as an AI-narrated audio recording, which you can keep, share, and save as memories.

With your permission, your story can also be published on their website or podcast.In the future, TaleBot plans to introduce features like AI voice selection and video storytelling, enhancing the storytelling experience even further.Overall, TaleBot offers a convenient and engaging way to create personalized bedtime stories for your child, making bedtime a magical and memorable experience.


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Sep 20, 2023
My daughter loved the bedtime story I got written for her! She asked for another story last night as well :)

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