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Aid kids to explore machine learning.
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The AI for Kids tool offers step-by-step online courses that introduce children to AI tools and allow them to create cool things while unleashing their creativity.

With six first courses designed for children aged 4-17+, this tool allows kids to learn how to use the latest AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and self-trained AI.

Additionally, children can turn themselves into an anime character, learn to train their AI to become any anime character of their choice, create their own Pokemon, get advice from their favorite superhero, create a coloring book, and even create a study buddy that can answer all their homework questions and help them succeed.

This tool aims to provide an easy and fun way for children to learn about AI tools without sacrificing creativity. The courses are designed to be age-appropriate and cater to the various interests of children.

Additionally, this tool has received positive feedback from parents who have tested and improved the first courses with their children. Parents can sign up for the free courses until they become paid, and the tool's website also provides contact details for becoming a teacher.

Overall, AI for Kids offers a playful and engaging way for children to explore the exciting possibilities of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Step-by-step online courses
Range of ages 4-17+
Children can create unique things
Engages creativity
Designing own anime character
Age-appropriate course design
Received positive feedback from parents
Free courses availability
Opportunity to become a teacher
Fun learning approach
Own Pokemon creation
Interaction with favorite superhero
Creation of personalized coloring book
Study buddy for homework help
Courses adjusted to different difficulty levels
Opportunity to print & receive self-created material
Encourages team play experience
Supports hobby development
Interactive education
Flexible pricing structure


Becomes paid after trial
Limited age group
Not suitable for older learners
No language options mentioned
No stronger data privacy guarantees
Courses may require external tools
Limited customization options
No details about system requirements
No mobile version specified


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Have parents provided feedback on CandideAI?
Are the courses on CandideAI free?
Can I reach out to CandideAI for teaching opportunities?
How can CandideAI aid in my kid's learning?
What type of things can my child create with CandideAI?
How does CandideAI promote creativity?
What are the different courses offered by CandideAI?
How can my child transform themselves into an anime character using CandideAI?
Can my child get advice from their favorite superhero with the help of CandideAI?
Does CandideAI offer a course where kids can create their own coloring book?
Can my child train their own AI using CandideAI?
Is there a specific age for each course in CandideAI?
What kind of response has CandideAI received from parents?
What is the course structure of CandideAI?

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