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Generates unique art via web app.
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The AI Art Generator is a web-based application developed by InventAI that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and captivating pieces of art without requiring any artistic skills from the user.

The generator allows users to specify their preferences and let the AI do the rest, producing stunning artwork as a result. To access the generated art, users must subscribe to the service, with monthly prices ranging from $11.99 to $99.99, depending on their needs.The login process is straightforward, with a single sign-in option via email confirmation.

The website is passwordless, and after a user logs in, they can access their account to buy a subscription plan. The website also offers a demo video, coming soon, to showcase the features of the AI Art Generator.Additionally, the InventAI website roadmap indicates upcoming features such as a text generator powered by GPT4 and a chat generator driven by ChatGPT that will allow users to define the style, personality, and even create their own templates for their creative experience.Overall, the AI Art Generator is a valuable tool for users seeking to generate high-quality and unique art without any artistic skill or experience.


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