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Real-time AI guided by your hand for enhanced drawing.
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Muse Pro is an immersive real-time AI-assisted tool designed for enhancing the artistry of drawing. It leverages technology such as the GPT-4 Vision to augment the quality of work produced.

The app facilitates artists' creativity, allowing them to control the composition while promoting an advanced drawing experience. With a unique feature set such as text-to-image prompts, users can swiftly change directions with their ideas while they work.

It offers a capability to randomize, ensuring artists always have inspiration and never face a blank canvas. Furthermore, Muse Pro incorporates enhancing features that amplify detail with a simple tap.

The software includes a feature for AI control, allowing users to guide the AI in the creation process and offers the ability to fine-tune the AI's input for an optimized result.

Users can pause to hold the AI collaboration, providing room for solo input. In addition, the app enables users to upscale their work for print-ready outputs.

It also provides refined image layers to allow artists to experiment and refine their work effortlessly. Complementing the array of tools provided, Muse Pro equips artists with a diverse library of brushes catering to various artistic needs.

The application supports usage on the iPhone and iPad. It is compatible with Apple Pencil, providing pressure sensitivity for a more detailed drawing experience.


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Mar 14, 2024
Exploring this image generation tool has been an absolute delight!!
Mar 13, 2024
Looks incredible but For EVIL apple product only!!@!@!2@!@@$#R$#%^$@%!#%@# @midlarts

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